FIRE Africa Selection Committee

The Fund for Internet Research and Education (FIRE Africa) Grants and Awards Selection Committee plays a key role in identifying the projects that will receive support from the programme.

The Committee is comprised of seven experts with a wide range of experience and skills and who represent diverse fields, industries and countries. This enables us to identify Africa's most innovative technical initiatives that address the issues of Internet access, technical development, online security, education, Internet governance, social inclusion and social and economic development and offer them support in the form of FIRE AwardsFIRE GrantsFIRE Scale-Ups, and the Internet Society Grants.

The 2016 Selection Committee was comprised of: 

  1.  Mr. Alan Barrett - AFRINIC CEO
  2. Mr. Seun Ojedeji - AFRINIC Board of Directors
    • Country: Nigeria
    • Chief Network Engineer, Federal University Oye-Ekiti
  3. Ms. Titi Akinsami - Google
    • Country: South Africa
    • Public Policy and Government Relations Manager at Google
  4. Mr. Sami Salih - AFRINIC Community Member
    • Country: Sudan 
    • Assistant Professor, Computer and Network Engineering - ‎Sudan University of Science and Technology
  5. Ms. Wafa Wafa Dahmani  - AFRINIC Community Member
    • Country: Tunisia
    • Senior Engineer head of NIC/LIR department in ATI 
  6. Ms. Anne Rachel Inné - ICANN
    • Country: Niger
    • Vice President of Global Engagement at ICANN, based in Geneva
  7. Mr. Kevin Chege - Internet Society
    • Country: Kenya
    • Internet Development Manager for Africa

FIRE Africa would like to thank the selection committee for their ongoing hard work and commitment to the programme.

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